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Archive for October 2017

Wine trails in New Zealand

10 Themed Highways of New Zealand

admin 10/10/2017

Touring New Zealand by campervan and not knowing where to start? There are 10 Highways with a theme to choose from. This may not sound a pleasant way to explore; when you are used to traffic in Europe or USA expectations of highways are different from New Zealand ‘Highways’. You will probably call them: Secondary […]

Wifi on-board your motorhome

WIFI in all Campervans

admin 20/08/2017

Stay connected on your vacation It may not look like a big thing, but it is: We supply WIFI in all campervans… We already had The internet available, but how to connect your iPhone, iPad, Android or wireless laptop if there is no USB port? The simple solution is your own hotspot, the challenge to […]

Biosecurity Procedures

admin 15/01/2017

Items to declare New Zealand has very strict biosecurity procedures at our international borders to prevent the introduction of harmful pests and diseases. The Passenger Arrival Card tells you what New Zealand considers “risk goods”. All risk goods must be declared or be disposed of in marked amnesty bins at air and seaports. If you’re […]

New Zealand size compared to …

admin 07/10/2016

Do you know the size of New Zealand? We often notice our motorhome renters underestimate the land size, we see itineraries that involve driving 4500 km in just two weeks! To experience New Zealand, it is good to understand our land size (massive), road conditions (not that flash), and layout (single lane bridges are still part of […]

Find places to go walking and tramping

Find places to go walking and tramping

admin 05/04/2016

Walking and tramping Whether you want to do a short walk or a multi-night tramp, there is a suitable track for everyone to enjoy New Zealand’s natural environment. The Department of Conservation is the one who looks after most tracks, walks and many (natural) campsites. To promote walking these they now have a great tool […]

Doc Camping site

Conservation Camping Pass (DOC Camping)

admin 01/08/2015

Stay on many of the best camping grounds for less? Now you can when you pre-purchase the Conservation Camping Pass, specially designed for campervan renters. Department of Conservation (DOC) The Department of Conservation (DOC) maintains many scenic reserves, campgrounds and tracks. Campgrounds are in general very basic and only suitable for self-contained motorhomes. Not to worry, all ours […]

Driving on the left

Keeping your possessions safe

admin 30/12/2013

  New Zealand is generally known as one of the safest countries to travel to. Never the less, you need to act responsible and careful if it comes to your personal possessions. First and best advice: Do you need whatever you take? We mean Jewellery, (designer) accessories, keys? Remember, what you don’t bring, you can’t lose! […]

Clothing, bags, suitcases, luggage… What to bring?

admin 29/12/2013

We make sure both the Explorer and Seeker have ample storage for the weight limits allowed by the aviation industry. Choosing what luggage to bring is up to you; when you select hard-shell suitcases and need to store them in the campervan it is, how to say this nicely…; Hard Case! We advise using soft […]

  • Visitor Visa / International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy

  • Motorhome Truma display

    Motorhome instruction video: Digital hot water display

  • Thermal Rotorua

    Steaming Rotorua

  • Rotorua

    Thermal Pools

  • weather New Zealand

    Bay of Islands Campervans Weather station

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