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Hire Campervan New Zealand: Your Best Deal for Motor Homes

New Zealand is a gorgeous country that is perfect for exploration through motor homes. The spacious, picturesque and spectacular dream location offers adventurers and holiday seekers with unique experiences. With our years of experience in providing our customers with quality campervans, we, at Campervan Hire New Zealand, to become passionate explorers. When you hire campervan in New Zealand with us, we make sure that you get an excellent road trip to ‘Aotearoa’ filled with pleasant reminiscing memories for a lifetime! For this, we have equipped our campervans with all the necessary facilities. As the owner of this customer-friendly company, we have ourselves travelled New Zealand across its length a breadth. So, with us, you get a guidance based on our personal experience. You will know how we’ve been there and done things that a passionate ‘motor home holidayer’ can wish to. Our aim is to make sure that you can make the most out of your trip to any place in New Zealand.


Hire campervan in New Zealand


So, you contact us to get seeker motor home or explorer motor home and decide if you want o meander down the south. You can start from Auckland, Christchurch or any other place of your choice. Just specify where you want us to collect you from when you want to hire campervan in New Zealand. We will talk over the drive to give you an account of the nature across New Zealand, the driving conditions and whatever you look forward to during your holiday.

We endeavour to make a pleasant and comfortable beginning for you with a lovely evening meal at Paihia and a night of rest. This way you will be in a perfect state of relaxation to have a refreshing start of your campervan trip. Upon entering, you will find that our motor homes are basically a home away from home and on wheels. We will provide you with the charges upfront and there are no hidden or additional costs involved.

With us, you can choose from

Explorer Motor home

This 2 berth motor home for a couple has


Seeker Motor home

This 2 berth motor home for a luxury-filled adventure has a clever use of space with

Our motor home hires essentially include comprehensive insurance for overhead and under body damage and transfers from airport or your hotel at the start and the end of hire.

Hire campervan in New Zealand from us and explore the soul of the place!

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