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Archive for June 2017

Fixed bed in our Seeker Campervan

Fixed Bed in our Motorhomes

Rob 25/06/2017

All our Motorhomes in New Zealand having a good size fixed bed! Why? Watch this clip and you know the answer! Comfortable bedlinen and a decent mattress on a fixed bed, you sleep well.

Driving on the left

Driving left in NZ

admin 16/11/2014

Why does New Zealand drive on the “wrong” side of the road? Well, it’s one of those trivia questions that can really nag at you until you find an answer. In days of old logic dictated that when people passed each other on the road they should be in the best possible position to use […]

Road signs information

Know the road rules New Zealand

Rob 20/07/2014

Get prepared before you hit New Zealand roads. Test your road code knowledge by answering sets of 10 questions. At the end of each question set, you’ll get a score. Practice as many times as you like and we’ll graph your progress. Get an answer wrong and we’ll refer you to The Official New Zealand […]

road safety guides New Zealand

Road safety Guides

Rob 22/09/2011

Want more information about Road safety? Here some useful links… NZTA ‘What’s Different about driving in New Zealand’ brochure (multi-language) NZTA Speed Limit guide NZTA Driving Conditions guide NZTA Road Code guide NZTA Alcohol and Drug Limit when Driving Tourism NZ ‘Self Drive or Transfers in NZ’ article by Tony Townley AA Travel NZ driving […]

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