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Earthquakes, is New Zealand safe to Holiday?

Earthquake Christchurch New Zealand 22-02-11February 22, 2011, during lunch-time, Christchurch New Zealand has been struck by an earthquake, 6.4 on the Richter scale. Unfortunate 182 people died in this devastating earthquake.

Occurring at a depth of only 5 km, this earthquake damaged many buildings and parts of the famous Christchurch Cathedral have collapsed.

At the moment re-built is in full swing and every day the city starts to look better and better. The Botanic Garden is open, the Tram rides again and many businesses have set up new. Don’t let the quake hold you back visiting this beautiful capital of the SouthIsland!


Earthquakes in New ZealandIs New Zealand still safe to go on holiday? Yes absolutely!
This earthquake took place in Christchurch centre. The rest of the South and North- Island there is nothing to worry about.


Tourism is a big part of New Zealand’s economy and this income can’t be missed. The quake has hit very local and other than Christchurch centre there is little or no damage.  The airport is open, just like everything else in and around Christchurch.

New Zealand is still one of the safest countries in the world.

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