Motorhome Instruction Videos

When you pick up your motorhome, we will explain the working of all equipment. If you haven’t had much experience with a motorhome before, it might be a lot to take in… Not sure, or forgot how too? No worries. These instructional videos will cover the basics.
This is how your automatic gearbox works in your Bayofislandscampervans motorhome ( Fiat Ducato) Burstner, Sunlight and Carado models

All our motorhomes in New Zealand have a good size kitchen. Most of them with a gas oven build in. Freedom camping is so easy[...]
Our Explorer and Seeker motorhome models have a fridge/freezer on board. Some of them are manual and others are automatic fridges. Please have a look[...]
Hot Water and Heating, how and when to turn on and use.
Truma digital hot water display
After using your motorhome appliances for a while, you have to check your gas bottle. If you use the shower and oven everytime you have[...]
After a few days using fresh water, you need to refill the fresh water tank. Its easy and won't take much time. This video shows
After using toilet and shower for a few days you have to empty the toilet cassette and greywater tank. You also need to top up[...]

All our motorhomes here in New Zealand have blinds and screen attached to the windows and roof vents. Makes a big difference to prevent flies[...]
Our bigger Motorhome models will have come with an awning. They all work more or less the same. sometimes you have to unlock the poles[...]
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