Bay of Islands Campervans were ideal for our first experience

Until this year we were campervan virgins, but Bay of Islands Campervans were ideal for our first experience. We started planning our trip 18 months ago and were attracted to BOI not only because of their high-quality reviews but also because they only have vans for two people, so we weren’t going to lose space for things we’d never use.

Over two months, we covered 6,000km, zig-zagging the length and breadth of NZ between Slope Point and Cape Reinga and just about everywhere in between. The van – we named her Ermintrude – was perfectly behaved, with no mechanical problems at all, and so easy to drive that we sometimes forgot she wasn’t a car. When we did have the odd problem or query, Rob and Nick were very responsive in helping us sort things out, even allowing us to change our drop off point without hesitation.

Ermintrude came fully equipped with everything we could want, including on-board wi-fi, which we made full use of to plan our travels and to blog about them. The extra-long power cable was particularly useful as we didn’t have to worry too much about how we parked in our pitch each evening – unlike some of our neighbours! Having a fixed bed not only saves time but also gives you more options for lounging around. And with the TV, we could watch channel 1 at 6pm each evening to find out what was going on in the world and get the weather forecast for the next day.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend BOI to anyone wanting to tour New Zealand.

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