Beautiful B & B in Paihia

In March 2013 we rented a camper for 5.5 weeks. By sad circumstances we could motorhome later receive 1.5 weeks. This change in our schedule was solved by Rob and Nick in a pleasant way. The camper was taken to Auckland so we did not first go north to pick him up. They also have a critical look at our schedule and if necessary adjusted so that we could see. Much as possible in our time resteerende
We have never rented a camper where so many (extra) things were in that we did not use. BBQ, indoor and outdoor shower toaster, microwave, oven, stove etc. It was very nice that the camper was equipped with all the basic stuff such as coffee, tea, sunscreen, etc. antimug.
You really rent a camper and provided with all comforts with questions or problems you can count on 1belletje. (With New Zealand’s only phone that is also part of the equipment of motor) to Rob and Nick and they come up with a solution. And at the end we could still enjoy three days of their hospitality in their beautiful B & B in Paihia.

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