Definitely use this company again

I had some anxiety agreeing to rent a campevan, as I usually drive on the right side of the road. However, Rob and Nicholas at Bay of Islands made everything easy. They answered all my questions by email, and when I arrived they had the van ready to go, and gave a complete/through checkout. We rented the Nexxo van, which I wish was available for purchase in the US, as I liked it so much. It had plenty of power, and was very easy to drive (I already knew how to drive a stick-shift.) Driving on the left was a little tricky, but the van is roughly the size of a large car, so it was not hard to learn. Being able to stop, eat, shower, sleep and get going again without getting out was great, as there frequent rain in spring time to keep the country green. The van had plenty of storage, and we had to stop for food only every 3 days. The on-board WiFi was great, and worked wherever there was telephone service. Any questions we had we quickly answered, and the personal service was very appreciated. They even took us back to Auckland after our trip!When I come back, I’ll definitely use this company again.

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