Didn’t want to give our van back!

We recently rented a Nexxo from Nick and Rob to drive around the South and North Island for 30 days. We didn’t want to give our van back!! The entire renting process was easy and smooth and the rates v reasonable. We picked up our van in Christchurch and handed it back in Auckland. The van is compact and easy to drive on those steep roads but is plenty spacious inside with a permanent bed (what a plus that is when you are tuckered out from a long day of tramping). It has fantastic insulation for those cold nights and a great little diesel heater. We cooked almost every day in the van and free camped when we could for which the van was perfect. It also has plenty of storage for surfboards underneath the bed.
We always felt really superior when we pulled up in a camping lot and looked around at the other vans because ours was so lovely and snug inside but with all the essential amenities.
The only thing I would say is that the GPS wasn’t particularly easy to use with the screen not responding that well BUT we never used it anyway relying on excellent maps provided by all the local iSites and the big map in the van provided by Nick and Rob. Our tourist radio also provided a plethora of info!!
New vans, lovely interiors, fantastic and efficient customer service (always available when we had questions and great suggestions), we looked at several companies before choosing this small operation and we don’t regret it!

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