Seeker campervan made memories that are simply far beyond what we could have ever imagined

In April 2016 we began planning for our trip of a lifetime to New Zealand in February 2017.

Unlike other trips we have taken for one or two weeks, this one was for a month and to make it even more unique, we wanted to do nearly all of it in a campervan. We did our research and it became clearly obvious there was one “boutique” campervan company that met all of our needs…..Bay of Islands Campervans. While there a many companies to choose from, only Baby of Islands provides you with the quality of vehicle and personal service to insure you have the best experience possible.
Over 23 days we drove 2150 miles through both the North and South Islands that included some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet!

The experience of seeing all of this while driving the Seeker campervan made memories that are simply far beyond what we could have ever imagined….all through our trip the Seeker performed just like it was brand new which is a real plus when driving New Zealand sometimes challenging roads.

At the end of the trip, we spent the last night at Nick and Rob’s Bed & Breakfast which also far exceeded our expectations and made the trip even more memorable.

Would we do it again? Absolutely without question, but just stay to the left when driving!!!!

Only Baby of Islands provides you with the quality of vehicle and personal service

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