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Our specific wishes brought us to Bayofislandscampervans

Living as God in France must be changed to Life as God in New Zealand !!

We enjoyed the month of December 2018 a trip through New Zealand. Via the internet we came across a multitude of offers of campervans / motorhomes. Our specific wishes brought us to Bayofislandscampervans from owners Nick and Rob. Questions were always responded to quickly. In the period that we wanted to go everything turned out to be fully booked, but they indicated that they still had a chance in December! After arrival we first visited a New Zealand friend in Auckland. Normally you will be picked up from the airport. This was not necessary now. They were so attentive to deliver the car to our girlfriend’s door. There Rob explained the necessary matters about using and driving with the camper.

We got the Explorer, length 5.99m. Built on the basis of Fiat Ducato, diesel, 130 HP, automatic transmission. From experience we already knew that this was / was a frequently used combination throughout Europe. The photos on their site had convinced us! A fixed bed, good swivel chairs, good kitchen and enough storage space. In practice, this is very nice!

In addition to the vehicle, we received countless apps with information about NZ. For example, Gaspy gave the petrol stations in the neighborhood in order of price. Prices that were sometimes very different! Apps about the different types of accommodation, from ‘free’ to large ‘holiday parks’ So you could sometimes spend a night at the beach for free and then on a Top 10 campsite. Variation enough.

When booking you got these apps offered by Rob and Nick: Fun to get all the pretense when figuring out. Rob and Nick ***** The camper ***** New Zealand ***** The population is very friendly, always ‘how are you today’, friendly and helpful. The country is amazing !! We had been there before, but this trip made a great impression again … nature in all its variety. Good roads, excellent signage, lots of picnic spots along the roads, public toilets.

We came to the conclusion: Living as God in France must be changed to Life as God in New Zealand !! Take a look at the completeness of the equipment by comparison: chairs and table for outside, bake / grill plate for outside Inside bedding with extra change, towels, tea, coffee, sugar, pepper mill, salt. Cutlery, pans, plates and bowls etc. of excellent quality. It seems like an advertisement, but we were and are really impressed by the completeness of all the facilities.

A tip: Do not bring a large hardshell suitcase, which is difficult to store. We have enjoyed, thanks to Rob and Nick!

Jos and Angela

Take a look at the completeness of the equipment


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