Wi-Fi is a great bonus

We just came back from our third New Zealand travel (December 2014 / January 2015), hired a Nexxo and experianced outstanding service all the time – meaning Rob and Nick as well as the relyability of the more than comfortable Nexxo:-)

With our first two travels to New Zealand (2004 and 2006) we came in contact with two of the biggest hirers and experianced merely policy oriented service! Let us assure you that not only the Nexxo, but also Rob and Nicks Service are of a different colour: Customer oriented, immediate answers to emails or phone calls and a caring attitude. They always served us more than we’d expected. For this we’d like to say “Thank you” again.

The Wi-Fi is a great bonus: Being able to check wheather conditions of where we intended to travel and then to adjust our plans turned out in having only 4-5 days of rain (out of 35!). The fridge is marvellous: spaceous, running on 12V, Gas, 230V and completely silent. The handling and power-steering of the Nexxo is absolutely phenomenal: Driving such a big vehicle for the first time my wife was hooked and said that the Nexxo is easier to drive than our smart fortwo back home!

Just in case there may arise a fourth New Zealand travel in the future we can know say we found the right hirer and don’t need to look elsewhere. @Rob and Nick: If time, money, world politics and our longing for New Zealand will meet again, we will not hesitate and knock at your door again.

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