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Tips to help you stay safe in New Zealand

New Zealand has a great outdoors to explore. Walking, tramping, hiking, climbing, boating,.. Go for it! Just make sure you are safe from the start till the end by keeping in mind these simple rules:

The outdoor safety code:

tell-someone-trampBefore you go into the outdoors, get familiar with New Zealand’s outdoor safety code

  1. Plan your trip. Seek local knowledge and plan the route you will take and the amount of time you can reasonably expect it to take.
  2. Tell someone. Tell someone your plans and leave a date for when to raise the alarm if you haven’t returned.
    Be aware of the weather New Zealand’s weather can be highly unpredictable. Check the forecast and expect weather changes.
  3. Know your limits. Challenge yourself within your physical limits and experience.

Take sufficient supplies. Make sure you have enough food, equipment, clothing and emergency rations for the worst-case scenario.Take an appropriate means of communication.

You can find more info on Adventuresmart

The boat safety code:

keeping safe outdoorsBefore you go boating on our seas, lakes and rivers, get familiar with New Zealand’s Boating Safety Code! No matter what kind of boat you use.

  1. Life jackets take them wear them. Boats, especially ones under 6m in length, can sink very quickly. Wearing a life jacket increases your survival time in the water.
  2. Skipper responsibility. The skipper is responsible for the safety of everyone on board and the safe operation of the boat. Stay within the limits of your vessel and your experience.
  3. Communications. Take two separate waterproof ways of communicating so we can help you if you get into difficulties.
  4. Marine weather. New Zealand’s weather can be highly unpredictables. Check the local marine weather forecast before you go and expect both weather and sea state changes.
  5. Avoid alcohol. Safe boating and alcohol do not mix! Things can change quickly on the water. You need to stay alert and aware.

The water safety code:

Before you enter the water, get familiar with New Zealand’s water safety code

  1. Be prepared. Learn to swim and survive and set rules for safe play in the water. Always use the safe and correct equipment. know the weather and water conditions before you get in.
  2. Watch out for yourself and others. Always pay close attention to children you are supervising in or near water. Swim with others and in areas where lifeguards are present.
  3. Be aware of the dangers. Enter shallow and unknown water feet first and obey all safety signs and warning flags. Do not enter the water after drinking alcohol.
  4. Know your limits. Challenge yourself to your physical limits and experience. Learn safe ways of rescuing others without putting yourself in danger.

Know before you go


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