Travel times and distances in New Zealand

Times and distances in New Zealand are often misjudged. Highways (except around a few cities) are comparable to 80Km roads in Europe or Australia. OK, you are allowed to drive 100 km per hour but whether this is always New Zealand travel times and distancespossible and safe? Use an average of 60 kilometers per hour if you travel a certain distance to calculate.

In other words, travel distances in New Zealand will be calculated in hours and less in the distance traveled. Mountains, mostly two-lane windy roads prevent you a quick ride from A to B.Is this your holiday?

Take your time enjoying the ride itself! The drive is part of your holiday. Stop by that great “lookout”, make a good cup of coffee (advantage of traveling by Campervan) take the chairs from the “trunk” and really enjoying the surroundings. With a little luck have you view for yourself. We recommend you stay 2 or more days in places to really experience the lifestyle or that little village. It is not about how much you drive during your vacation, is it?

Travel Time Calculator
To calculate distances and take a specific look at travel times: Click here
Remember to add extra time to take in the lifestyle or to enjoy a coffee stop! The road trip is part of the journey…

Travel times New Zealand

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