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Book us and benefit of working with a small company that can cater to your needs. Your experience with Bay of Islands Campervans (factual Rob and Nick) will be so enchanting that you tell all your friends about us when you get home. We look for opportunities to create an amazing holiday – to go wherever you like and to do whatever you want.


Personal Quote

Inquire now and get your campervan hire quoteSend us your desired dates and we will provide a quote especially for you. We always offer an alternative when your exact dates aren’t available or it works out cheaper. This makes us more flexible than having an automated system… OK, it may take a bit longer than an automated instant quote (we respond within 24 hours), you won’t be disappointed!


We tried to keep our pricing as simple and transparent as possible. All payable fees and charges are combined into the daily rental rate, including unlimited kilometers, comprehensive insurance (excess/ deductible applies), airport transfers, linen, cutlery, crockery and other kitchen equipment, full gas bottle, touring assistance, Goods & Services Tax (GST), Rates, Fees, and Charges.


We offer options to reduce your liability should the motorhome be damaged.


The insurance packages are designed to be hassle-free. The daily hire charge includes comprehensive insurance cover so you can get motoring knowing that you are protected in the unfortunate event of an accident.


Terms and conditions campervan hire New ZealandOur standard insurance covers you for accidental damage to the vehicle and any liability if the vehicle injures someone else or their property. As long as you’re not negligent or irresponsible (for more details regarding insurance exclusions, see our terms and conditions) you’re sweet.
Unlike many other motorhome rental companies, we cover you for overhead and underbody damage (the most common accidents). We also include single vehicle accident e.g. you reverse into a tree at a campsite, towing and recovery, as well as theft, fire, and vandalism – pretty much everything.

Your Liability

If the vehicle is damaged, you are required to contribute to the cost of replacement or repair up to the excess (deductible) amount. For all vehicles in our rental fleet, the basic access is NZ$5000. You can reduce the amount you need to contribute if you take one of our liability reduction options.

Daily PriceYour LiabilityIncluded Extras
All Inclusive $68 $0RUC*. 7 GB data per week. Windscreen. Tyres. Toll Roads. Toilet Chemicals
Maxi Cover $48 $450RUC*
Extra Cover $28 $950-
Standard Cover $0 $5000-

We know that most Bay of Islands Campervan customers are excellent drivers. Even if you did not have an incident for years, it’s important to know that driving a campervan or motorhome in a foreign country comes with considerably more risks than you would normally face at home. Especially when you are not used to driving on the left-hand side of the road.
For that reason, we recommend you take the All Inclusive excess Option, so you enjoy peace of mind on your New Zealand road trip. (All Inclusive available from 15 days rental)

Why take out All Inclusive Insurance?

  • You won’t have to pay an excess should your rental vehicle be damaged (subject to Terms and Conditions).
  • You get value for money. Don’t pay an excess should your rental campervan be damaged, you also get extras:
    • Road User Charge (RUC)
    • 7GB Internet data per week
    • Windscreen cover
    • Tyres included
    • Toll Roads
    • Toilet Chemicals


Before you make a choice:


When you select Maxi Cover:

  • In addition to peace of mind knowing that your maximum liability in case of accidental damage to the campervan in no more than $450
  • You are not required to pay the Road User Charges
  • Toll roads: automatic registration, you will pay the actual cost (no additional charge)
  • Your camper has a 3G/4G data connection with WiFi, and you choose how many gigabytes per week you want to buy
  • Standard included: all the other standard comfort issues to sweeten your camper life like a gas grill, lounge chairs, camping table, cell phone with a rechargeable card, tourist radio, navigation, etc.


When you select Extra Cover:

  • Peace of mind knowing that your maximum liability in case of accidental damage to the campervan in no more than $950
  • You are liable for windscreen and tyre damage, which regularly occurs in New Zealand! The average cost per windscreen chip repair is $75 and windscreen replacement is up to $750.
  • Road User Charges applies
  • Toll roads: automatic registration, you will pay the actual cost (no additional charge)
  • Your camper has a 3G/4G data connection with WiFi, and you choose how many gigabytes per week you want to buy
  • Standard included: all the other standard comfort issues to sweeten your camper life like a gas grill, lounge chairs, camping table, cell phone with a rechargeable card, tourist radio, navigation, etc.


When you select Standard Cover, you should consider:

  • The rate of accidental damage in campervans is much higher than in cars simply because the motorhome dimensions are different than car’s dimensions.
  • Road construction methods and condition of NZ roads are more likely to cause damage to the vehicle than in many other countries. Loose gravel is common even on main roads.
  • A bond equivalent to the excess $5000 (deductible) amount is required at pickup.
  • You may have to pay the daily rental rate for each day the vehicle is being repaired
  • Any costs to repair damage caused by a third party may not be recoverable as automobile insurance is not compulsory in New Zealand. Approximately 250,000 drivers on New Zealand roads drive with NO insurance cover.
  • The excess must be paid at the time of the accident regardless of cover provided by an independent travel insurance policy.
  • Road User Charges applies


Please note that Bay of Islands Campervan insurance is null and void if any of the rental agreement terms is breached. For more information, check our terms and conditions. You can select a Liability Reduction Option at the time of booking or at any time,  including when you pick-up the motorhome. When you’re not sure, just discuss at pick-up. We are happy to go through the options with you.


Unless you choose All Inclusive insurance, a bond equal to the excess is required when you collect your campervan or motorhome. This is to cover us should the vehicle be damaged or involved in an accident and if the conditions of hire that you sign are not satisfied e.g., the vehicle is not returned to the agreed location on the agreed date and time or is not fully refueled.

When you choose All Inclusive insurance, there is no bond required. We only need your credit card details in case we receive an infringement notice.

Travel Insurance

We always recommend you arrange travel insurance. This will cover you for other events such as illness, travel cancellation, delays or missed connections, lost, stolen or damaged personal items and travel documents, personal accidents, and personal liability.

Optional extras

When you have All Inclusive Cover insurance, there are no optional extras to pay for!
Road User Charges, zero excess, and Internet data are included, as well as other benefits!

Road User Charges (RUC)

The cost of using New Zealand’s roads is recovered from road users via levies in the price of some fuels (like petrol) or through road user charges (RUC) when using diesel.

We work hard to keep our motorhome rental rates as low as we can.  If you’re planning to travel short distances, you don’t want to pay the same as someone who is going to clock up big miles in their campervan. So we’ve taken the government tax on diesel vehicles (Road User Charges) out of our standard rates. Since our Road User Charges is based on actual kilometers travelled in your campervan, you only pay for what you use.

Road User Charges are payable at the end of your hire unless you have opted for Full Cover Insurance, in which case the fee is included. The Road User Charges is charged at the same rate as the government charges us:

  • $6.28 per 100k

Internet Charges (WiFi)

We make use of 3G/4G (cell phone) technology in combination with a wireless router so you can connect your WiFi-enabled devices.


Wifi in your campervan New ZealandTo determine how much data you typically use a few examples:

    • Web browsing (surfing) about 13MB per hour
    • E-mail with Outlook: Most text emails are between 3 and 10kb,
      HTML e-mails are between 50 and 150KB
    • Music File Download (MP3) on average 4.5 MB per file
    • YouTube 131MB per hour
    • Skype 50 to 72MB per hour


Please be aware most devices are set to allow auto-update when connected to WiFi. Allowing this means you will burn through your data very fast! Switching off this option will save on data and still allow you to use the device.


We offer the following 3 packages to choose from:

Package name DataPrice
Broadband Mailer5 GB$30
Broadband Surfer15 GB$60
Broadband Freedom25 GB$80

Data is valid 30 days or when used (whatever comes first).


The All Inclusive Cover data, or extra ordered data package, will be loaded integral on the system. Unfortunately, the used technique does not allow us to assign data per week or blocks.


Full cover insurance, all extra charges are included, as well as other benefits like zero excess.


Terms & Conditions

We don’t like to have a long list of Term & Conditions, unfortunately, we have to set grounds so we all know what we get into.
We choose to have them in normal font size, so at least you can have a read without having to get your specs out…






Effective April 2017.


This agreement is between Bay of Islands Campervans Limited (the “Operator”) and the hirer whose particulars are recorded in this agreement (the Hirer”). It is hereby agreed that:

1. The Operator will let and the Hirer will take the vehicle, details of which are set out on page 1 of this agreement the “Vehicle”, for the term of hire described in this agreement.


2. The Vehicle may be driven during the term of hire only by the persons described in this agreement and only if each such person holds a current full driver’s license appropriate for the class of vehicle in this agreement and is aged 25 or over. Inexperienced driver excess of NZ$1000 applies when license held <12 Months. The license details are recorded in the agreement alongside each person’s name. If the foreign driver’s license is not in English, an English translation or international driving permit shall be carried with the foreign driver’s license.


3. The Hirer shall pay the Operator for the hire of the Vehicle the sums specified in this agreement. At time of booking a 20% deposit is payable. The deposit secures the booking. The balance shall be due 35 days prior to commencement of the hire. If the balance is not received 35 days prior to commencement of the hire, the Operator reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled. If the term of hire is later extended the Hirer shall pay the Operator for the additional hire period when the Operator confirms the extended period. Extensions are subject to availability and are calculated at the daily rental rate on the date booked.

4. In addition, the Hirer acknowledges that s/he shall be liable to pay to the Operator at the end of the hire period any applicable additional charges specified in the agreement. These may include Road User Charge Recovery Fee, charges for fuel, late return, damage to or repair of the vehicle (subject to other terms in this agreement), costs incurred by the Operator through salvage or loss of revenue resulting from the hire, any enforcement charges relating to such damage or repairs (including legal costs), traffic fines or infringement fees, and toll charges and the administration costs relating to these fines, fees, and charges. The Operator will deduct such charges from the Hirer’s credit card during or after the term of hire is completed, or the Hirer may pay such charges as agreed with the Operator, such choice to be at the Operator’s sole discretion.

5. All payments shall be made in New Zealand Dollars. The following credit or debit cards will be accepted: Visa and MasterCard. A non-refundable 4% administration fee will apply to Visa and MasterCard transactions.

6. Rates include GST. Rental days are calculated on a calendar basis. Part days at the start or end of the hire are charged at the full daily rate.

7. Late pick-up or early return of the Vehicle shall not entitle the Hirer to any refund of the unused portion of the rental.

8. The Hirer agrees to pay a bond equal to the applicable insurance excess at the start of the hire which will be refunded once the Vehicle and its contents have been returned in the same condition as when hired and the Vehicle is returned to the agreed location on the agreed date. The bond will be reduced rateable and proportionally to allow the Operator to put the Vehicle and/or its contents back in the same condition it was when it was hired.

9. On payment of liability reduction insurance by the Hirer, the bond payable by the Hirer is reduced to NZ$500.


10. The Hirer shall not:
(a) Sublet or hire the Vehicle to any other person:
(b) Allow the Vehicle to be used outside his/her authority;
(c) Operate the Vehicle, or permit it to be operated in circumstances that constitute an offense;
(d) Drive or allow the Vehicle to be driven on any beach or surface likely to damage the Vehicle; or
(e) Involve the Vehicle in any race, speed test, rally or contest
(f) Operate the Vehicle or allow it to be operated for the transport of more persons than is permitted by any relevant authority or detailed in the Vehicle Manual.


11. The Operator shall supply the Vehicle in a safe and roadworthy condition, up to the current Certificate of Fitness standards.

12. The Operator shall be responsible for all ordinary and extraordinary costs of running the Vehicle during the term of the hire except to the extent that by the terms of this agreement those costs are payable by the Hirer.

13. If the reserved Vehicle is not available for reasons outside the Operator’s control, then the reserved Vehicle may be substituted with a comparable or superior Vehicle at no extra cost to the Hirer. Such Vehicle substitution shall not constitute a breach of contract and does not entitle the Hirer to any form of refund. If no substitute Vehicle is available to the Hirer, the Operator’s liability shall be limited to a refund of the hire charge in full. In the case of mechanical failure (unless caused by the Hirer), the Operator’s liability shall be limited to the hire charge for the remainder of the term of hire.


14. The Hirer shall ensure that:
(a) All reasonable care is taken when driving and parking the Vehicle;
(b) The engine coolant and oil in the Vehicle are maintained at the proper level;
(c) The tyres are maintained at their proper pressure;
(d) The Vehicle is locked and secure at all times when it is not in use;
(e) The Vehicle keys are kept secure. The cost of replacement keys (approximately NZ$500) and related services for example courier is at the Hirer’s expense;
(f) No part of the engine, transmission, braking or suspension systems are interfered with;
(g) The fuel tanks are filled with the correct fuel and the freshwater tanks are not contaminated. The cost of replacing tanks is at the Hirer’s expense;
(h) Should a warning light be illuminated or the Hirer believes the Vehicle requires mechanical attention, s/he stops driving and advises the Operator immediately;
(i) There is no smoking in the Vehicle. Any evidence of smoking in the Vehicle shall incur a cleaning fee of NZ$500; and
(j) Animals, except for registered guide dogs, are not permitted inside the Vehicle.


15. If the Vehicle is involved in an accident, is damaged, breaks down or requires repair or salvage, regardless of cause, the Hirer shall notify the Operator of the full circumstances within 24 hours in order to give the Operator the opportunity to rectify the problem during the rental. Failure to do so may affect any claims for compensation.

16. The Hirer shall not arrange or undertake any repairs or salvage without the Operator’s authority except to the extent that repairs or salvage are necessary to prevent further damage to the vehicle or to other property. If the Vehicle is damaged to the extent that it cannot be driven, the Operator shall endeavour to exchange the Vehicle. Provision of an exchange vehicle is subject to availability and Hirer’s location.

17. The Operator’s liability extends only to the refund of hire charges for any full days of Vehicle use lost due to a mechanical breakdown. No responsibility for out of pocket expenses, accommodation charges or meals resulting from a breakdown or accident will be accepted.

18. All Vehicles are registered with the Automobile Association (AA) for 24-hour roadside assistance. This service covers any mechanical faults with the Vehicle. The AA does not cover the following and the associated costs will be the responsibility of the Hirer:
(a) the Vehicle running out of fuel or breakdown is caused by the Vehicle being incorrectly fueled;
(b) the Vehicle is unable to be accessed due to a lockout or the Vehicle keys being lost;
(c) flat batteries caused by incorrect usage of the batteries and/or incorrect usage of any equipment that requires the batteries in order to operate;
(d) flat or damaged tyre(s) unless the Hirer has taken liability reduction insurance;
(e) the Vehicle is unattended at the time the AA Service Provider arrives at the breakdown location; and
(f) the Vehicle is not on public or formed road or is trapped or bogged.

19. All non-mechanical call-outs to the AA will incur a call-out charge.


20. The Hirer shall, at or before the expiry of the term of hire, deliver the Vehicle to the Operator as shown on the front of this agreement, or obtain the Operator’s consent to the continuation of the hire. Any alteration to the place the Vehicle is returned to may be subject to a charge of up to NZ$1000. Failure to return the Vehicle at the agreed time and/or day will incur a late fee of NZ$150 per day payable in addition to the daily rental rate for each day until the Vehicle is returned.

21. The Hirer shall return the Vehicle with
(a) a full diesel and water tank and full LPG bottles. Failure to do so shall result in refill charges of fuel cost plus NZ$50;
(b) empty waste tanks;
(c) all Vehicle equipment accounted for and undamaged. The Hirer is liable for any equipment that is damaged or not accounted for;
(d) In a reasonably clean and tidy condition. Failure to do so shall result in a cleaning fee of up to NZ $250.


22. Any driver described in this agreement as a person permitted to drive the Vehicle is, subject to the exclusions set out below, covered against any loss or damage to the Vehicle and for any consequential damage, loss or costs incurred by the Operator through salvage or loss of revenue resulting from the hire beyond the applicable excess amount.

23. Any driver described in this agreement as a person permitted to drive the Vehicle is, subject to the exclusions set out below, is indemnified to the extent of NZ$1,000,000 in respect of any liability he or she might have for damage to any property (including injury to any animal) belonging to any person and arising out of the use of the Vehicle.

24. The Hirer’s liability will be for any loss or damage to the Vehicle, however caused, and for any consequential loss or damage, during the term of this hire, or during any authorized extensions to the term up to the applicable excess amount.

25. The Hirer is liable for payment of the applicable insurance excess in the case of damage to, or accidents involving the Vehicle when the Hirer has not taken liability reduction insurance. On payment of the liability reduction insurance by the Hirer, the excess payable by the Hirer is reduced or eliminated depending on the liability reduction option selected and subject to exclusions in clause 28. The Operator may make the applicable deduction from the Hirer’s credit card following notification of any loss or damage to the Vehicle.

26. In the event of any damage to a Vehicle or third party property, another bond shall be collected to cover the excess for any subsequent damage.

27. Where the total cost of a claim is less than the excess then the Hirer shall be liable to pay that lesser amount.

28. The Hirer acknowledges that the cover referred to in clause 22 will not apply when:
(a) the Vehicle is driven by anyone not named or described in this agreement as a person permitted to drive the Vehicle;
(b) the driver of the Vehicle is under the influence of alcohol or any drug;
(c) the Vehicle is in an unsafe or unroadworthy condition, such condition arising during the course of the hire, that caused or contributed to the damage or loss, and the Hirer or driver was aware or should have been aware of the unsafe or unroadworthy condition of the Vehicle;
(d) the Vehicle is willfully or recklessly damaged or lost by the Hirer, a nominated driver, or a person under the Hirer’s authority or control including sitting or standing on the roof, driving on any beach or surface likely to damage the Vehicle or cause it to become bogged or trapped, driving through flooded areas, submerging in water, contacting salt water; The vehicle is operated on any of the following roads: Ball Hutt Road (Mt Cook), Skippers Road (Queenstown), Ninety Mile Beach (Northland), all roads north of Colville (Coromandel Peninsula)
(e) the fuel or freshwater tanks are contaminated
(f) loss of transponder vehicle keys
(g) damage to the awning due to leaving it out when weather does not allow you to (rain, storm, wind)
(h) the Vehicle was operated outside the terms of this agreement or any agreed extension of this agreement.


29. The Hirer is advised that New Zealand law permits the Operator to debit the Hirer’s credit card for any infringement fee for an offence where the offence was committed during the term of the hire. These include speeding, toll road, parking and freedom camping offences. The Operator may also charge an administration fee of NZ$25 per infringement notice received.

30. The Operator will send the Hirer a copy of the infringement notice and any reminder notice as soon as practicable after it is received by the Operator. The Hirer has the right to challenge, complain about, query or object to the alleged offence to the issuing enforcement authority and seek a court hearing (within 56 days from the date of issue of the infringement notice or 28 days from the date of issue of the reminder notice)


31. If the Hirer cancels the hire agreement more than 35 days prior to pick up then the deposit less an administration fee of 10% of the total cost or NZ$500 whichever is the less amount is refunded; 35 days or less prior to pick up then the deposit is retained; less than 20 days prior to pick up then a cancellation fee of 50% of the total hire cost applies; less than 7 days prior to or on the day of pick up then no refund will be given. If the length of hire is reduced once a booking has been made, then an amendment fee of 50% of the hire cost for the cancelled days applies if the amendment is made less than 35 days prior to pick up; less than 7 days prior to or on the day of pick up then no refund will be given for the cancelled days. If the pick-up date is amended less than 35 days prior to pick up to a date later than the original drop off date, then an amendment fee of NZ$250 applies. If the travel dates are amended within the cancellation fee period to be outside the cancellation fee period and is subsequently cancelled, the cancellation fee for the original booking shall apply. If the length of hire is changed any time after the booking has been made, then the daily rate may increase.
If the Hirer has requested a secure payment facility and funds have been paid to a solicitor’s trust account then the hirer irrevocably authorizes the above deductions to be made from the secure payment before a refund is made (if any) from the secure payment.

32. The Operator may cancel the hire agreement and take immediate possession of the Vehicle if:
(a) The Hirer fails to comply with any of the terms of this agreement or if the Vehicle is damaged;
(b) The Hirer has obtained the Vehicle through fraud or misrepresentation;
(c) The Vehicle appears to be abandoned;
(d) The Vehicle is not returned at or before the expiry of the term of hire or the Operator reasonably believes that the Vehicle will not be returned at or before the expiry of the term of hire;
(e) The Operator considers, on reasonable grounds that the safety of the passengers or the condition of the Vehicle is or has been endangered.

33. If the Operator cancels the hire agreement then no refund will be given.

34. The termination of the hiring under the authority of this clause shall be without prejudice to the other rights of the Operator and the rights of the Hirer under this agreement.


35. If, in the reasonable opinion of the Operator, the Hirer’s driving is likely to pose a real danger to themselves and/or the lives of any other person, then –

(a) The Operator may cancel this Agreement immediately with written or verbal notice; and

(b) The Hirer must, as soon as practicable, return the Vehicle to the place of business of the Operator or Operator’s agent; and

(c) The Hirer’s personal information contained within this Agreement may be disclosed to other relevant operators for the purpose of promoting safe driving in New Zealand.
36. A Global Positioning System (GPS) may be installed for safety and insurance purposes.


37. By signing this agreement, the hirer acknowledges that he has taken delivery of the vehicle and irrevocably authorises Law Direct to pay the Secure Payment forthwith to the operator less the secure payment charge. For the purposes of this agreement the Secure Payment means funds received to the Law Direct Trust Account on account of the hirer’s obligations hereunder and the secure payment charge means the administration charge means the sum of $100.00 inclusive of GST.


38. Terms and conditions, as well as rates quoted, are subject to change without notice. However, rates or conditions for a particular booking shall not be altered once that booking has been confirmed except where clause 31 applies.



39. The Hirer releases the Operator and its employees and agents from any liability to the Hirer (regardless of who is at fault) for any loss or damage incurred by the Hirer by reason of rental, possession or use of the Vehicle or storage of personal belongings at the Operator’s premises.


Hirer’s Transport Service Licence No: 0242130 Bay of Islands Campervans Ltd



2017 Bay of Islands Campervan Hire. Developed and maintained by Techrish

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